A Step By Step Guide To Professional Teeth Whitening With A Dentist In Orem

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Professional teeth whitening with your dentist in Orem starts out with a consultation first. The truth is, not everyone is a good candidate for professional teeth whitening, and that is why you have to speak with your dentist first before you schedule an appointment. If you have fillings or even browns on your front teeth, then teeth whitening is not a good idea for you. The chemicals in the teeth whitening process can bleach your natural teeth but they cannot do the same for any dental restorations that are made from porcelain or ceramic. Whitening front teeth that are not your natural teeth can result in them being different colors.

Professional teeth whitening is most effective on teeth that have turned yellow and can be less effective on brown or gray teeth, especially if the declaration was caused by exposure to antibiotics before the age of 8. 

The next step in the process is the actual teeth whitening appointment at the office. Once you have been seated in a dental chair, the dentist will then insert a lip retractor inside your mouth, which will help to move your lips out of the way to the teeth can be accessed easily. After that, the dentist will cover your gums with protective gel around your teeth so that your gums will stay protected from the bleach. This is called the gingival barrier, and it can keep you from developing too much sensitivity. Your dentist might also apply a compound to your teeth for extra protection.

The actual teeth whitening process involves applying a gel to your teeth that is made of hydrogen peroxide and it will contain at least 35% percent of it. Hydrogen peroxide is the main active ingredient in teeth whitening and it can penetrate the layers of your teeth and remove the layers of stains from your teeth. It all depends on what kind of whitening system your dentist will use, the main application of the whitening gel might also be followed by applying a light that can speed up the whitening process faster.

Most dentists will usually apply multiple applications of the whitening gel throughout the whole appointment. After the gel sits on your teeth the dentist or the hygienist will then rinse off the gel of your teeth and then reply with more gel if necessary. The whole teeth whitening appointment will usually last 40 to 60 minutes. Once the teeth whitening process is complete you can achieve results resulting in your teeth being 4 to 6 shades whiter just in one single session. You might experience some mild tooth sensitivity after the appointment but it will go away after a day or two.

The results of professional teeth whitening with your dentist in Orem can last for months or even years,  depending on your diet and your daily tasks. Doing things like eating dark food, drinking lots of coffee, or smoking cigarettes can stain your teeth and ruin the long-lasting results. Dentists usually recommend that you maintain your freshly whitened teeth by using a professional at-home whitening kit that is provided by the dentist after your appointment. The kits are usually costume-made that perfectly fit your teeth and come with whitening gel that doesn’t contain a lot of bleach.