Facts You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

cost of teeth whitening

You Teeth Absorb Everything You Eat And Drink

Your teeth have many mores just like your skin and the sponge you use to clean your dishes. Everything that you put in your mouth that is colored it can absorb right into your teeth. Drinks and foods like wine, berries can easily stain your white teeth. Also drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes can make your teeth yellow. Over time the white color of your teeth will become darker due to those stains. The saints on your teeth will never go away unless you get them professionally whitened. Teeth whitening can gently push the stains out of your pores. 

Proffesional Teeth Whitening Doesn’t Damage Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth aggressively or doing any other abuse to your teeth can cause damage to your teeth. But if professional teeth whitening is done correctly and as instructed the teeth whitening can be completely safe for your teeth. The teeth whitening process uses ingredients that will temporarily open the pores in your teeth and lifts the yellow stains out. After each teeth whitening session, your teeth will get whiter and whiter. 

Sensitivity After A Teeth Whitening Appointment Is Completely Normal

More than 65% of people in the US already have naturally sensitive teeth. The sensitivity of the teeth is often caused by thin enamel, genetics or by damage in the teeth. During the process of whitening your teeth it is completely normal to get sensitivity in your teeth. Your teeth will temporarily become dehydrated which can reduce their ability to insulate the nerve. The sensitivity after the teeth whitening appointment will disappear after 10-30 hours. Your dentist might also give you a post whitening fluoride treatment to help rehydrate your teeth. 

The Stains On Your Teeth Cannot Be Removed Overnight

No product on the market can magically whiten your teeth in one session or a day. It is impossible chemically for any ingredients to safely whiten your teeth super quick. If this was possible the dentist would not give you your own custom fitted trays to help whiten your teeth overtime. The whole whitening process will usually take anywhere from a month to a couple months to achieve desired results. People that have very severe stains need to be patient with the whitening process and know that the teeth whitening process cannot remove years worth of stains in just one session. But once those stains are removed, it can be easy to maintain the white smile.

The Cost Of Professional Teeth Whitening Can Cost Anywhere from $500 or more

The cost of teeth whitening can be anywhere from $500 to $100 for your custom fitted trays. This fee is very expensive because you will achieve great professional results without doing any damage to your teeth. The cost will also include the hand work, multiple appointments and fitted trays that you can use at home. Teeth whitening can be completely worth paying for because you get to see yourself with a beautiful white smile.